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Kultur „Casablanca“-Plakat für fast 500.000 Dollar versteigert
Nachrichten Kultur „Casablanca“-Plakat für fast 500.000 Dollar versteigert
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09:46 31.07.2017
Schrieb Filmgeschichte: der 1942 gedrehte Filmklassiker „Casablanca“.
Schrieb Filmgeschichte: der 1942 gedrehte Filmklassiker „Casablanca“.  Quelle: Heritage Auctions

 Das wohl einzige verbliebene italienische Plakat des Filmklassikers „Casablanca“ ist für fast 500.000 Dollar unter den Hammer gekommen. Der bei der Versteigerung erreichte Wert von 478.000 Dollar (406.640 Euro) knüpfe an einen Rekord von 2014 an, als bei einer öffentlichen Auktion ebenfalls so viel für ein anderes Filmplakat bezahlt worden sei, teilte die Firma Heritage Auctions am Sonntag mit. Nach Angaben des Auktionshauses wollte der Käufer anonym bleiben, das Plakat gehörte zuvor einem Sammler in London.

Casablanca (Warner Brothers, 1946) | Estimate: $180,000 - $360,000 | First Post-War Release Italian 4 - Fogli (55.5" X 78.25") Luigi Martinati Artwork | July 29-30 Signature Movie Posters Auction (Search lot no. 86354 for this item) . . . An incredible piece never before sold at Heritage, we are elated to offer this spectacular original release poster from one of the greatest films ever made. Italian posters are well known for being superior to their American counterparts, but this illustration by Luigi Martinati is perhaps the best image found in any of this film's numerous advertisements. Of course, Warner Brothers couldn't have predicted that this little picture would be nothing like the hundreds they churned out year after year. Merely hoping to turn a profit, they aimed a drama towards audiences weary of their home-front hardships and the loss of loved ones. The studio began shooting with an incomplete script cobbled together by several different writers, then starred a couple of moderately famous secondary actors. They hadn't an inkling that Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman's performance would become an immortal icon for Hollywood's Golden Age, nor that this picture would still be revered to this day. Believed to be the only copy of this poster to have survived and not seen in recent history, this rare and beautiful piece has had professional restoration to address some issues. There is touchup to the folds and borders for some small chipping and mild tears, pinholes in the borders and outer image area, and a tear in Claude Rains' face. It also had small single chips in Conrad Veidt's forehead and in Claude Rains' hat, as well as two in the middle background. Certainly a stunning treasure coveted by many a collector, no true fan would consider letting this chance opportunity pass them by. The tagline printed faintly above the title translates as "They had an appointment with destiny in Casablanca..." Fine/Very Fine on Linen.

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Das italienische Poster zu „Casablanca“ stammt aus dem Jahr 1946, vier Jahre nachdem der beliebte Klassiker gedreht und zunächst in den USA gezeigt wurde. Vor drei Jahren war ein Filmplakat des Schwarzweiß-Stummfilms „Um Mitternacht“ von 1927 für eine ähnliche Summe versteigert worden.

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